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Help Operation Save A Pet Katrina 
Saving animals lives can take many forms.  Here are 3 more ways you can help today.

Thousands of family pets are still left homeless today by Katrina. Shelters across the country are full leaving no where to send these abandoned animals in need of food shelter and a loving home. along with Animal Rescue New Orleans and Best Friends Animal Society are working every day, non-stop, to humanely trap these pets, give them needed medical care, move them to safe haven, and either reunite them with their families or find them new good homes. However, we need your help.

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Volunteer. We need people to put out food and water for roaming and hiding pets, humanely trap these pets, and help us care for them in our holding areas and prepare them for transport.

Make a Donation.  We have teams of volunteers working around the clock to find, feed and rescue the animals left beind in New Orleans.  We need your support in these final weeks to rent trucks, purchase food and fresh water, and deploy hundreds of voluneers to save these pets.

Or you can click on the photos below to make a donation, volunteer, and see photos taken by the team.

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