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Thank you for taking the time to read this.  We have worked hard to design our non-profit pet adoption service to be fun & happy, because saving a pet is a fun & happy thing to do. But there is a very sad story that most people don't want to hear.  It's the story of too many dogs and cats being born and not enough homes.  And it's a story about our work to save their lives. lets homeless pets be seen, and when they can be seen, they can be saved.  We work with many organizations to promote adoption, spay/neuter, and the humane treatment of animals.

We are on a mission.  Our service is completely free to shelters & rescue groups, and we are free to people looking for a pet to adopt and save.  We want nothing to stand in the way of a life being saved.  The funds to run and expand our service can come only from you -- an act of love and support from your heart.  We will fight, if you can support us. 

We are their only hope

They trust us,

They need us   they have no choice.
They need love  Too often, they fall between the cracks.
Neglected Neglected,



Left in the cold  After all, we are so busy with our lives.
Abandoned   And without us
On the street  it's a cruel world.
Without a home Lonely,

In need of veterinary care  


Saved from the street  hungry.
Recovering  They are taken off the street
Who will adopt her?  but their troubles are not over.
Not understanding  Fear,
Waiting for a home  loneliness,
There's always a chance  and despair.

Our terrible failure






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to help us end this tragedy

For most, it is a sad ending hidden from public view.
They were our family members Trust has been broken.
A failure of the human spirit.
So we "euthanize" to put them
out of OUR misery.

 But we are their hope...

......................... This is Junior.  Junior was rescued from an animal shelter on the day he would have been euthanized because there wasn't enough room to keep him.  He was extremely underweight and covered with ticks. His previous owners actually branded initials on his side! He was really confused for the first few days in his foster home, but is slowly coming out of his shell.  His face is graying but his heart is true blue.  We are helping him find a new home.


Junior's Brand
This is Boots.  He was abandoned inside a lakefront boating dock. The owner of the docking company threatened to shoot him if nobody claimed him.  We are helping his rescue group to get him seen and find him a new home.
This is Rupert.  She is a sweet Poodle found mutilated by another dog on the street. She is recovering from severe neck wounds and her hair is growing back.  We are giving her small rescue group a place to get her seen and adopted.
And now, meet Sasha. Sasha was left in a shelter because he got "too big". He's just one of thousands of precious lives we've helped save.  But Sasha is special because he was the first pet we were able to help.  You can make sure there won't be a last pet we're able to help by supporting us today with a tax-deductible gift -- you can even make it in honor or memory of a person or pet in your life.

Sasha, the first of thousands of pets we've saved


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Please help us keep our free service running & growing.  We'll do all the work with our partner shelters if you can just help us with any size tax-deductible donation you can afford. The shelters, the rescue groups, and most of all, the homeless dogs and cats need us -- and we need you. From all of us who work so hard each day,
thank you very much in advance for your support -- it is greatly needed and much appreciated!

There's Hope 




 Each day brings new hope